I started Getting Sick With Cushing's Symptoms in 1993 at The Age of 31.

I gained 100 pounds in just 1 year-I went from a socially acceptable

petite dress size 2 to and obese size 22 in just one year. 

Pituitary Tumors- The Best Kept Secret in Medicine

(Above) This young woman at 24 years old started noticing symptoms of Cushing’s her first month of pregnancy. The source of the high Cortisol was coming from one adrenal gland. It wasn't until her last month of pregnancy that the doctors diagnosed that she was in great danger and very sick from Cushing's syndrome. They took her baby C-section and 4 hours later removed her adrenal gland. It's been two years and she is off steroid replacement and her one remaining adrenal gland is work well. 

​(Above Photos) Lisa passed away eight years after her pituitary surgery. She died from the horrible effects of Cushing's due to a prolonged diagnosis. By the time a doctor realized Lisa had Cushing's, her pituitary macro-adenoma had completely invaded her optic nerve and complete removal of the tumor was not possible. Lisa’s cortisol levels were over 1000 because of the size of her tumor and even after surgery Lisa suffered from uncontrollable diabetes, high blood pressure, and excruciating pain from residual ACTH tumor that wrapped her carotid  artery.

(Above Photos)Sharmyn McGraw before the symptoms of Cushing's disease.

(Left Side Photo) Sharmyn with Cushing's disease before pituitary surgery.

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